Dodgem & Ride parts

I supply several kits and a plan from which you can make up your own set of Dodgems.

4016 Twin axle paybox trailer4016 – A twin axle, trailer mounted paybox with white metal body and chassis, soft rubber tyres and transfers.  Also suitable for conversion to tea bar – £21.25.



Both designs feature white metal bodies and separate white metal bases for ease of painting, etched brass steering wheels, brass steering columns and pick up poles and number transfers.

4018 Supercar dodgem cars

4018 – Sixteen Supercar dodgem cars of round nosed 1960’s style. These come with etched stainless steel front grilles which considerably enhance the completed model – £27.95.

4019 Reverchon dodgem cars
4019 – Sixteen Reverchon dodgem cars with an angular 1970’s shape – £27.

I can supply extra odd cars if required – price pro-rata.

Etched brass railings 1970’s pierced angular design (part no 4022) or 1960’s rounded ‘balustrade’ design (part no 4023).  Suit dodgems, skid or similar – 24 sections per pack equal to 192 foot run in full size – £13.10.

Plan of Dodgem track (drawn in 1/48th scale) showing track and roof structure – £8.

Kit 4027 contains 30 assorted seated children which fit both types of Dodgem cars – £13.15.

4301 – Set of twelve adult jet cars hand cast in resin with plastic fins – £20.55.
4301 Jet cars

4202 – Set of eighteen Moonrocket cars with two nose cones and tail fin sections.  The cars are finely cast in resin with door, door handle and seat detail faithfully reproduced – £26.90.
I can also supply parts and drawings to allow a complete working Moonrocket to be built and a number built in this way can be seen on the exhibition circuit.  This is not a complete kit and the parts are all made individually to order – please email or send an SAE for details.

4017 Brooklnds Speedway cars
4017 – Set of 14 racing cars for the Monte Carlo Rally track.  The car bodies are cast in resin and mounted on a plasticard base with strip styrene to mimic the bumpers around the cars.  White metal wheels, brass axles, brass etched steering wheels and number transfers complete the cars – £35.95.














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