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Welcome to the wonderful world of Fairground model making.  Doug Roseaman Engineering supply a vast range of plans, kits and parts for those modelling the UK fairground.  We also manufacture a small range of 1/12th scale collector’s Dolls House miniatures and sell the excellent model showmans engines from Milestone Models.  Click one of the buttons above to see what is available.
Rocket Ride

Juvenile Rocket Ride

A brand new high specification kit of the ever popular juvenile rocket ride in 1/24th scale.  Dating back to the period after the Second World War when new materials and rides were not available these juveniles were often built by Showmen themselves using War Department surplus materials.
Cast resin cars with a very smooth surface which will take a superb finish.
Laser cut MDF panels for the motor box, safety railings and cheese core.
Jack rods bent to shape and ready to use.  Wooden swifts.
Etched brass car hangers and cheese parts and brass fixings.
A fully assembled motor/gearbox drive unit supplied ready to use.  It uses brass gears, lubrication free bearings and is sturdily mounted.  It is powerful enough to drive any full sized ride in 1/24th scale.
Makes up into a superb model which is 300mm – 12” diameter across the railings and 210 mm – 8 ½” across the cars.
Supplied in a strong box and sent using Royal Mail Special delivery.
The kit is complete apart from glue and paint.  First batch available now.

£375 – please send cheques to – Doug Roseaman Engineering, 101 Westbrook, Bromham, Chippenham, Wilts SN15 2EE

Safety railings from this model available separately as a set of ten – £13.50.

 OTHER NEWS – Platform edge lighting for the 1/24th and larger scale Waltzers is proving popular as is car lighting.  Lighting of the moving parts of rides a speciality – 30 years experience of lighting and building fairground models profesionally.


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